I’ve seen a lot of videos like this so let’s react to this one. And believe me when you see a man like this run because this type of man will kill you and if you’re lucky enough to see these signs early be thankful because you can still leave.

First of all, to tell a woman she cooks badly takes a whole lot of courage to say. And it’s just not the fact that he said that but the fact that he doesn’t know how bad it sounds and that’s the problem. That for me is narcissism. And remember never qualify yourself in a front of a man like this. Qualifying yourself is pretty much making somebody feels like you’re working to impress them. And what is bad in qualifying yourself in somebody is it increases your desire to have this thing and convincing yourself that you really want it.

So you see this is what happens when you like the guy. Even after hearing bad things and questions you still don’t see them for who they are. Instead, you play along hoping you give the right answer and that’s where the manipulation starts. This guy is putting so high expectations she’s not treating him as a human.

Another thing, never let a man change you. Find somebody who accepts you for you. First of all, it is very difficult to change even though I do believe it’s possible but also this person will not love you for you.

Look ladies, this is why I do what I do because these types of women I think of whenever I make these videos. I feel horrible for people in those types of situations. And if you see yourself in this type of situation you have to leave because he’s not gonna change. You never gonna be enough for him even if you change for him so the best solution is just to move on. Don’t tolerate this type of stuff.