Validate Him Without Inflating His Ego

In order for somebody to fall in love, they need to feel validated. That their self-esteem has risen because of you and if they lose you their self-esteem will plummet. So we’re gonna talk about how to validate a guy without inflating his ego too much.

First of all only reward or validate him when he’s consistent. You don’t validate them when they’re being inconsistent. You will use pain to get them consistent and validation to keep them there. And remember the only thing you gotta is to be there because if a guy truly likes you he will have pride just by you being there and if he does not. Pull away or put him in a sexually competitive state.

The way to put him in a sexually competitive state is by increasing your social circle. And the thing here is you have to commit to the guy and be known as someone who is faithful. You can also use insinuation where you suggest something he doesn’t have. And also telling him you like guys that are the opposite of his type. This will make him chase your validation more.

Back to validation, you can speak to him like he is the star of the show. Before this listen to his words and find out why he does the thing that he does. Get at the core of it and keep asking why. Let him talk about himself. And I am telling you any guy that likes you will say the long story and you will find out what is his strength and weakness, and what’s making him unique. This will make him feel validated.

Talking to a person and agreeing with them makes them feel validated. Listen to their side and support them. You can also be a little argumentative and make it look like their changed your mind. After the conversation even if they mostly talk they will find you interesting cause you make them feel good about themselves and their choices. Then after the date pull away and be cold. He will make them doubt themselves causing them to chase.