What 99% of Men Get Wrong About Talking To Women (Verbal Game Explained)

I was wrong. I sort of had a misunderstanding about speaking to women and seducing them with words. The biggest misconception that men have when it comes to seducing women is this: it’s all about not just getting a woman to talk more and not just showing a woman how impressive you are, it’s all about making her think that she’s the smartest person on the planet.

Sometimes we have a lot of values that we want to talk about it. Sometimes, we have such an interesting life that we want to present how great our life is (or our hobbies) and without knowing, we make the woman feel like “Wow, he’s so high value” and we make her feel like she hasn’t done much in life. Do you know what happens with that sometimes? Sometimes, that’s actually a reason why you don’t seduce a woman the way you really wanted to.

This is what I’ve been doing now: in all of my dates, I’m exclusively focusing on the woman. I focus all my attention to her and I validate her self opinion / validating what she sees in her self. As long as she hasn’t been disrespectful to you, as long as she hasn’t been acting disinterested, do this. Deep down, women like to feel that they’re good. You give her what she wants and to do that, you shut the fuck up and you let them talk.