Let me tell you why a man ignores you and what he’s thinking before he does it. Some of you may not be happy about this but we are not here to mend your hearts but to expose the truth. The first one is this, you’re not attractive enough. The biggest reason why men ignore women is not that she didn’t use my tactics but just because I didn’t find you attractive. It’s pretty simple. And guys will never tell you that.

The second one is you demand too much time that creeps any dude out because it feels like you try to be greedy and snatch him from everybody. It happens when on your first date you are already planning the second date and asking him what you’re doing tomorrow makes him lie on the spot.

The third one is you want to speed things up. Most guys will get turned off by those types of women because guys have too much bad experience with this type of chick. And the reason why most women like a relationship are that they wanna show their friends and family that they are in a relationship they don’t even do it for the guy. It’s better to start things casual and let the thing unfold.

The fourth one is their ex when their ex is back and she wants something with him again. And the truth is nothing you can do about that and you have to accept that when it comes to the ex we can’t do anything about that. It’s not like you are trying to win a fight but it is like going to jail and trying to fight someone for their territory. So when you are in love with a guy who is still in love with their ex even if you got your ego involved to gotta realize that this dude is not special.

Last but not least is when you have no life. It takes 2-3 days to realize but when a guy realizes you have no life they just have two options; 1. Use you because they will think you want to be in their life so badly they just let you. or 2, They just leave you because you’re so annoying. Remember when you have no life guys will continue to use you because you’re always gonna be in a position of weakness. So what you gotta do is find yourself a life, If you’re always free and just waiting that’s not attractive.