All of a sudden when your man starts ignoring you, you want to be able to read what is going on in his head. But since you’re so invested and this is very personal to you it was hard to find a good view about what he’s thinking because of the emotional charge behind him.  So what’s going on inside his mind when he’s ignoring you?

The first one is they’re hoping that their ignoring you will make you chase them. Sometimes you act too cold or they feel the lack of power thinking they like you more and they wanted to balance it out. This is why you have to show interest, show weakness, and initiate contact sometimes. That’s why you have to be careful doing these tricks.

The second thing is he is trying to get you to submit. And the reasons are one you are not chasing him as much as he wants. Some people ignore you and gaslight you even though they know you love them simply because it gives them power. 

The third one is to show that they are kind of made and they need to cool off. Sometimes when a guy doesn’t wanna talk to you or see you normally after a few days it goes back to normal and they would say they just need a few days or a few hours off. And this normally happens when you guys just had an argument or a few days of just constant fighting and all of the sudden he disappears. He just needs a break and you got to learn to read the room.

Guy’s mind does change so if he comes back to you it cannot be temporary. He can ignore it and come back as if nothing happened. You can let them happen once but you have to let them know that the next time you ignore me again I will be also ignoring you. There’s a  certain level of people ignoring us that we have to tolerate especially if it was your fault.

But the last thing that a guy thinks when he’s ignoring you is he just wants another girl. And how can you know? Well, it’s gonna be hard but you have to let time pass you by. And if you’re suspicious of the guy whether he is cheating or not it’s over. You trust them no more.

If it was your fault you have to take the punishment of them ignoring you for a few days but if it takes more than a week then let them know you apologize and stop. Except when you cheat or hit them you can’t demand and you just have to accept the time when they want to come back.