What Happens When You Date a Man That’s Not Compatible With You – Case Analysis – 90 Day Fiancé

Look ladies I understand sometimes you like the person or sometimes you have incredible chemistry but that’s not the end-all be-all. Today we’re gonna watch what happens when you date someone whos’ incompatible with you. You feel the love and the connection but compatibilty is the main ingredient when it comes to finding the right guy for you.

Steven lied to Analina about being a virgin and put her through a lot of things while lying to her. The beginning they had an emotional quality they liked each other but they have to move to another continent just to be together. That means they’re incompabitble plus the fact that she needs to convert to mormonism. And he’s also been posing rules to Alina but he don’t follow it. 

Despite all of this lies, Steven tries to convert everyone in their religion. It almost seems like he was preparing Alina to be a sister wife. And at this time Alina have to trust other people’s judgement because right now Alina don”t see the world for what it is.

But in the end Alina decided to give Steven a chance. Even though Steven is horrible because of a feeling we will just forget all his lies and how hypocrite he is he would still marry him.

Remember, it doesn’t mean that if you like somebody you’re compatible.