What Makes a Man Regret Losing You

The number one regret that people have in their life is not Career or Financial, or Family or  Parenting regret but their “romantic decisions”.
The regrets that people have the most is losing someone in a relationship. Most likely there is someone out there who regrets losing you but what makes somebody regret losing you and how could you predict if the person that you’re with regrets losing you or how could you sense if they’re gonna regret losing you. 

In this video we’re going to find out what all about that — ALSO,  I help you ladies interpret what guys say to you versus what they actually mean. Like “baby you know I’m too I’m too busy to go out but I promise I’ll make time for you” versus what they mean “girl I gotta finish with this chick and then I’ll come and see you” or “girl I don’t like you that much but I’ll tell you what you want to hear exactly so that you can keep giving me that “poom poom”  like that type of stuff.  We’re gonna be breaking down what guys say versus what men say what they mean so prepare to take notes as we go along this video.