What REALLY Turns Men Off

Men don’t respect women who give sexual favor freely now that may not sound right but what I mean is sex without having a strong presence, a hint of coldness, or boundaries guys can’t respect. It becomes a problem when you give him sex then you also deal with the disrespect.

The next one is to notice how the more power men have the younger the women they prefer. This is when a guy has so much power he reaches the level where nobody can satisfy him he just preferred younger girls. And this is human nature every guy thinks younger girls are attractive but they won’t pursue them because it’s socially unacceptable. And that’s where high-value men are different from them.

Another thing to remember is that high-status men are not faithful. A man is only as faithful as his options. Because what you won’t give another woman will. So restricting him with some things can end up with him cheating on you. Especially if he is a high-status guy, they demand so much more and they are selfish lovers.

A man needs to see you stand up to him to respect you. Men always test weakness in a woman and women always send signs of weakness. So when a man sees any signs of weakness he will start testing you and trying to see if you will react to him emotionally.

Another thing is some men use women to increase their status. If you’re a woman and you’re dating a high-status guy it will make you more attractive and the reason why is that it will give you more access to high-status men. But for men dating high-status women, it is just a boost.

Next, men prefer vulnerable women because men have a natural need to help. And the sad thing about this is men do not like to date women that are more successful than them. They also like submissive women because it indicates a lack of infidelity.