What To Do When A Guy Is Unsure About You

About our first supporter who broke up with a guy and after a month when she tried to get back he said things will never be the same. First of all, nobody gets over a person in one month. Move on from this guy because this guy doesn’t like you enough to be sure about what he wants with you. When a guy likes you it doesn’t mean he knows what he wants with you it depends on how much he likes you. So don’t deal with this guy and continue on with your life because this guy could potentially make things even worse.

Our second supporter here dated a guy before he lose interest and after a year they dated again and after a few hang out he stopped responding to her again. And she is wondering if her enthusiasm or saying yes all the time conveys that she wants him. Actually, it’s not bad saying yes all the time just don’t initiate contact. You’re receptive on your dates but you don’t initiate dates. So what you got to do is to do nothing and let him come to you. As long as you pull away sometimes it’s all that matters.