What To Do When a Man Has Too Much Power Over You

Nothing makes somebody love you more when they feel like they’re competing for your love. It’s not just love, it’s EGOIC LOVE.

There’s power in using toxic people and there’s power in comparison. It’s always good to know the things that work on you and the things that people use on you. It’s also good to learn to use it in a diminished and non-toxic way. 

The women who are in the most abusive relationships are in a relationship where the man knows that she can’t leave. Where the man knows that she depends on him. People are power trippers, their egos get inflated, and they begin to take you for granted. And the key to that is to make you completely dependent on them with everything. 

Focus on the present, your mind is projecting you into a future. A future that you think will save you from this moment. But the truth is, when that future comes, it’s still going to be this moment. You can’t escape the present. What you are going through is a mental pattern. You’ll always find a reason to feel this way no matter what you get. If you bring all of your attention to your senses, your focus will be in the present moment. You fix a pattern by removing your attention from thought and bringing it to the present moment. 

Stop depending on the thought that he has too much power over you. Don’t be too dependent on him because he can sense that. You gotta grow up right now. 

Another way to not be taken for granted is to always give somebody space. Even if you feel like you don’t need it, always give a man space. You also need to make friends, you need to focus on making friends. Don’t just live by yourself.

When you don’t have friends, narcissists see that and they can easily manipulate you because they know that you are isolated. Go out and meet new friends.