What Women Think When you Ignore Them

You see the first thing a woman will ask is not whether or not your sleeping with another girl but whether or not he likes another girl. A woman is more threatened if you fall in love with a woman rather than having sex with her. A woman will be less angry about the fact that you cheated if you let her know that this woman didn’t mean much to me and that she’s still “the love of your life”. Because emotionally investing in someone means you’re taking away the resources for her. 

The next one is “is he losing interest?”. This one hurts the ego more. When she feels you’re losing interest two things could happen it’s either she thinks you’re in love with another woman and chase you or she’ll chase you to regain and build the interest she already lost with you. Or maybe she finds someone to validate her than chasing you.

And the last probability is when she thinks she’s better than you and she will prove it by getting you back. And what happens is once she gets you back she will pull away because the reason why she was chasing you was that you validate her. 

So what you can do is validate and not validate her. Tell her you miss her and don’t reply for a few days or tell her you miss her and then cancel the date. When you feel she’s chasing you just because you pulled away you can’t just take her back too easily you got to make it work a little harder. Because the pain of working a little harder will make her fall for you.