What Hurts a Man The Most – Male Nature

Pain comes from the things that are so important you don’t wanna lose them. So what hurts a man the most is not punching him in the face but sexual infidelity. As a man who naturally values sexual experience less in a mate simply because it indicates that possibly she could towards him. What men want in a woman are loyalty and relative chastity. 

They don’t want promiscuity or infidelity in a woman. The most painful thing a man can feel is infidelity. So let’s talk about strategies that men use to prevent infidelity in a woman. Historically men use marriage and religion to prevent chastity and infidelity in a woman. The next thing is the environment, a ma will naturally isolate his woman from his friends and family because the more people around him the more likely his partner will cheat for the most part.

Now let’s talk about the tips for women to project this type of fidelity and chastity. First, what causes the lack of value of chastity in a culture and how can you change that? You can change that by giving financial independence this causes men to desire in women less chastity and man lower their standards. Another thing woman can do is to top in terms of man’s wants in a woman. You want to compete for signals of chastity where the competition is fierce. Maintain your reputation and be presentable for the most part.