When a guy wants you to fully submit what you just have to do is say no. If he’s toxic he gets defensive and a lot of times they’ll leave because they realize they can’t disrespect you. Some people will only be in your life if they can sense that they could fully take advantage of you. Because they are not looking for a partner they are just looking for an extension of themselves.

And when the behavior is not acceptable you should not fix it but leave because it’s gonna ruin your emotional life. Look if a man wants you to submit and every time you show him love he pulls away. I think you should take the hint that this guy is just not it.

Now I should warn you that if you do this you’re gonna be in an ego war with that man. And if that happens you are already lost because realize that you’re creating deep-seated emotional bitterness. And your responsibility is not to last out and go to war with them. Your responsibility is to pull away and heal.

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