When A Man Ignores You, This Is What He’s Thinking

Today, we’re going to talk about the 3 things a man thinks when he ignores you. These are the things that I think when I’m ignoring a woman and these are the things that guys have told me they think when they’re ignoring a woman.

The first one is that he’s not interested. When a man’s ignoring you, it’s usually because he’s not interested or the second one, it’s that he’s playing the game. And if that’s happening, the solution for that id to not play the game. Don’t play the game with guys playing the game.

If he’s already playing games and ignoring you in the beginning, just pull away. If you’re in a relationship and he’s playing the game ignoring you, just pull away.

The second one is that he’s testing you. Anytime you see a guy kind of ignoring you, there’s a good chance that he’s trying to see how you’re going to react. He’s trying to sense for weakness. He can be Gandhi and sht but he’s gonna test you. What do you do with that? Just get unresponsive. It sucks especially if you guys are in a relationship but this is usually gonna happen in the beginning of the relationship and if he does that, don’t react and just pull away even more. If he takes one step back, you take two steps back and not two steps forward so that you can put him in a position where you say “You’re either gonna stop these games or you’re gonna be real with me”.

The third one is that he thinks that you could wait. This is when he knows that you’re always gonna be there. He knows that you’re not gonna leave him and that you’re always gonna be there for him. He got cocky and you let him be cocky.

The fourth one is that he’s with a girl. When I’m ignoring a woman, it’s usually because I’m with a girl. If you hit me up and all of a sudden I’m not responding to you, it could be that I’m working but if a guy messages you back on time and then all of a sudden he’s not, it’s either that something bad has happened to him or he’s with another girl.

The fifth one is that you’re too goddamn needy. Whenever you’re too needy with a guy, it turns him off. You’re all up on his face and you’re demanding a lot from him and you’re being too direct about what you want. You’re being too emotional and you’re stressing him out with that. The way to fix this is that you gotta be willing to walk away. I have plenty of videos that talk about that but that’s how you fix it.

The sixth one is that his dick is happy. He just hooked up with a girl and that his dick doesn’t feel nervous anymore. His dick is not hungry so he’s calm, he’s relaxed. When this happens, it’s usually because he’s satisfied physically. When my dick is happy, I could ignore a girl pretty easily.