When A Man Stops Chasing, Do This – Works All The Time!

Today, we’re gonna be talking about what to do when a guy pulls away. This is very simple. I’m gonna talk to you about how to prevent the guy from pulling away and what to do when he pulls away. I’m gonna show you the toxic way and the non-toxic way.

To prevent a guy from pulling away, the first thing you gotta do is expect the guy to pull away. Do this proactively. Prevent a guy from pulling away by putting him in a sexually competitive state. Let him know that there’s the presence of other guys in your life that he could be replaced by. Go out with your friends and if you don’t have any friends, go to meetups. Meet people and go out with your friends without him and let him know that he’s not welcome. As long as he’s not verbally of physically abusive, he’s gonna feel slightly offended by it. It’s gonna hurt his ego a little bit and make him wonder who’s there. As long as he’s not abusive, you could get away with this and it could actually work.

Now, what to do whe he pulls away? The unhealthy way is to go out with your friends and post it on your social media. Put an effort to show how much fun you’re having. Even though he knows you might be doing it to make him jealous, the fact that he’s going out, guys know that you could have sex in that night even though he knows you’re doing it to make him jealous. That envy is gonna make him run back at you.

Now, the healthy thing to do when he pulls away is to pull away even more. When he takes one step back, you take two steps back. When he stops calling you, you stop calling him. When he stops texting you, you stop texting him as much. Let him dictate where this is gonna go. He’s gonna be the one who distates how far this goes and not you. I could promise you, if he really likes you, he’s gonna sense you’re pulling away and he’s gonna come back to you.

When he comes back, you come back. It’s show him that you’re not to fck with. The last thing you want to do is chase a guy.