Look, it’s one thing if you’re a woman and a guy ignores you and it’s another thing if you’re a man and a woman ignores you. What you guys have to understand is that women have less control of their emotions than men do. It’s just how it is.

So, when a woman is ignoring you, a lot of the times, they’re not playing games. I’m gonna give you 3 reasons why she ignores you.

The first one is this: she’s not interested. Don’t be double-texting her. Women tend to make their decisions pretty fine so if you just met a woman and she’s ignoring your text, she’s not busy or in a job interview. For the most part, she doesn’t like you.

Now, why? It could be that you’re just too much of a pu$$y, it could be that you’re not man enough for her. Now, you might ask how to become more manly, it’s simple. Hang around manly men. When you hang around pu$$ies, you tend to adapt pu$$y mindsets BUT when you’re around alpha males, you tend to attract alpha males kind of mindset.

The next reason that she might be ignoring you is that she’s talking to somebody else. She’s with another person. The main reason why women say “I’ll let you know” is that she does that because there’s another guy whom she’s waiting to hear from. She’s waiting for the guy that he really likes and if he tells her that he can’t hang out, then she’ll make plans with you. Never let a woman make you wait because she’s pretty much putting you in the back burner.

I always tell guys that when a woman is ignoring you, just let her ignore you and just say “Let me know when you’re more available”. Look, some women come into your life just to play you–we, as guys, have to understand that.

The next one is that she’s just using you for attention. And, when she’s tired and when she’s happy enough, she then ignores you.

The fourth one is that she’s playing games because she likes you.

I know you guys hate the fact that I teach women but trust me when I say this to you: if you meet a woman who watches my channel and she ignores you, just wait because she’s gonna come to you. She’s just using my strategies.

Your responsibility is to just wait and let her come to you.