When He’s Not Serious About You From The Start… He’ll Do These Things… ESCAPE ASAP!

Let me tell you the telltale signs that he’s about to waste your time. And you gotta get away with this because it’s not gonna end well.

The first sign is he is uncertain and he is not sure yet. There are no such things if he doesn’t know if he likes you because you know it at the moment. And the fact that you’re waiting on him like he’s a prize lifts his ego even more. I don’t care how much he promises you but if there’s a lot of talking but not a lot of actions, he is just waiting your time. Never wait for anybody.

Look whenever he told you “maybe” it’s over. It’s not about I am not talking to you anymore but I am not putting any more effort into you and if I hear from you it’s just because you approach me first. So when a guy hits you up and he’s not certain about you just say hit me up when you’re sure.

You’re gonna make your response short unless he talks to you about the relationship. And you’re not gonna straight up tell them to not talk to you, you’re gonna be polite but end the conversation and never initiate contact.

The second thing is when you feel like he’s playing games and if you like this he is most likely playing games. So go with your instincts and let the guy convince you otherwise. Remember, don’t call him out and just pull back.

The third one is he keeps giving you promises but there’s no action behind it. Always pay attention when people don’t follow through with what they say.

The fourth one is if he’s lying to you. If he lies to you from the start then he’s just used to it. And if you’re having arguments from the start it’s not gonna get better.