When It’s Okay To Play Dirty With a Man

Today, we’re gonna talk about the only time when it’s okay to play dirty. This is a very specific occasion.

I get a lot of calls from women who really want a guy and who really want the relationship to work out and for the most part, I tell them “You gotta walk away from him because he doesn’t like you” and “He’s not the right guy for you”. From time to time, I guess some of my clients were hard-headed or stubborn who will not take “No” for an answer. Look, those people, I always tell them to walk a guy from the guy because it’s not worth the trouble–especially when a guy plays you and especially when a guy’s flaking on you and especially when you feel like you’re getting played like a ragdoll.

You will go to any lengths but I always tell you to walk away simply because it’s not worth your time. By you staying with this one guy who’s hurting you, you’re taking the opportunity from the good guys to get to know you. You’re taking the opportunity from the good guys that are out there from meeting you. So, you’re giving playing time to a guy who’s not good for you and you’re not giving playing time to guys that are good for you.

By default, you’re gonna lose BUT the only time that you should play dirty is when the guy clearly doesn’t like you OR when the guy is playing you like a fiddle and you just want revenge.