When To Cut A Man Off During The Talking Stage

Today we’re going to talk about when to cut off a guy. What are the signs to cut the guy up? 

  1. Your life values are not aligned – What you guys want to see is whether or not you guys are in the right place in life. That doesn’t mean five years from now you guys are not going to get aligned.
  2. When you first have an argument with him – if the guy doesn’t apologize for the things that you know he did wrong, don’t try to convince him to apologize, leave. It’s better to just leave because people who don’t apologize at first will never apologize in the future.
  3. When he calls you names or even hits you – It’s pretty self explanatory
  4. When he begins to pull away – When he is not initiating contact anymore, doesn’t want to talk on the phone when he wants to, and this goes on for two weeks. Don’t try to convince him, just leave. Cut him off once and if he comes back and begs, take him back but he only has one more chance.
  5. If after 4 or 5 months, there’s still no relationships, just move out.