WHY HE LOST RESPECT FOR YOU be (And how to gain it back)

If the guy is seeing you for a few months and he’s known you for a while, don’t trust what they look like. Me, I’m a cold person and I’ve always been like that but I’m trying to work on it and be nicer to people but don’t trust those appearances. Just because somebody looks cold on the outside doesn’t mean they’re cold. Sometimes, if you push the coldest people away, they become very warm because cold people, we act with other cold people with warmth. They’ll like you as long as they feel that you don’t like them as much. It’s weird but the way you deal with cold people is by being more cold.

Now, disrespect: moments of disrespect will come. Moments when a guy offends you will come and those are the moments where you show him your value. The way you do it is to walk away and you follow through with what you say.

Your self-esteem is at hand. It’s okay not to please people. It’s okay if you’re suffering because you stood up for yourself. That’s better. You gotta follow through.