Why Men Are More Emotional Than Women

Today we’re gonna talk about a controversial topic and that is whether men are more emotional than women. When it comes to experiencing emotions men and women don’t differ. Men and women don’t have a difference about how intense the emotions are the only difference is whether men or women are reacting to those emotions intensely. The difference is the emotional regulations and how both sexes experience mood swings.

When it comes to emotional reactivity research says that men and women don’t differ. But based on their research men can calm their self down with less effort this is why men are also better liars because they can control those biological responses and hold them in better.

If you really think about it, this just makes sense. It’s bringing harmony to the relationship given women regulate their emotions by expressing them and men regulate their emotions by controlling them. It is not about who is better but how is this beneficial to both genders.

Men and women experience the same emotions at the same level of intensity it’s just that men and women deal with those emotions differently. So it’s not who is more emotional but rather which sex is able to down-regulate and self-soothe better.

Talking about mood swings which are more highlighted in women than men. And this is just a cultural bias and the cultural bias with emotion is women are more emotional so we exaggerate the truth there. Just like men are labeled cold which is not true because they just express their emotions differently. And those expand to stereotypes and the culture exaggerates it.