Why Men Lie To The Women They Love (And How To Spot A Liar)

Men essentially lie to the people they care about. You don’t need to lie to someone you don’t give a f*** about. If a guy lies to you, he probably loves you.

You lie to preserve an image that you have. You lie to do damage control. If you don’t want anything out of the person, there is no need to lie.

What are the reasons that men lie to women they love?

  1. Men feel like they can get away with it. I will lie to you the whole time, but if you show me the evidence then that’s when I will admit it. It’s either they think their lie is good, or they know you won’t leave them. This is the sad part. When guys lie to you and get away with it, they will lie again and again.
  2. It’s a habit. Some guys are just liars. They can’t help lying. Sometimes they think, ‘Why the f*** did I lie? I didn’t have to do that.’
  3. They’re afraid of confrontation and hurting you. This is where I fall into. When it comes to relationships, I sometimes struggle with confrontation.

That’s the conditioning I have, that I need to learn to detach from.

It’s usually because you’re afraid to hurt the person. I remember being with a girl, but I would still see other chicks. I’ll be using dating apps while I’m with her.

Guys feel sad that they hurt you. Nobody wants to hurt people. That’s why it’s hard to break up.

How do you know when a guy is lying to you?

  1. Think ahead and begin gathering evidence. If you feel that he’s lying to you, relax. Act ignorant. If you saw a text from someone, look, ignore it, and act as if you didn’t see anything. This will lower his guard.

Let the evidence gather.

Each time you catch him, he could get better at hiding it because he knows you’re going to leave him or he would continue doing it because he knows you’re going to stay.

  1. If you do catch him, act like it’s no big deal. You want to see how he reacts.

If you act the right way and control your emotions, the truth might come out. You put his guard down and he might open up without getting defensive.