Why Men Love “bad texters” – Texting Strategies Compilation

This is a very simple way how to act cold when you feel the guy is losing interest. It’s not overly aggressive and direct. It’s indirect and subtle but it has the appropriate effect. And what I mean by that and he will feel the need of texting you and it will easily shift the dynamics of interaction and bring back the interest.

Usually, when women text men they text a lot of emotions. To act cold you remove those hahas, lol, and emojis. So when you’re noticing he’s losing interest keep responding to his messages but just start a eliminate those things and text bland. And you only use that to reward him for doing the actions you want.

Now what to do when the guy doesn’t text you back? This is how I see it you can find out if he likes you or you can find out if he doesn’t like you. One you can text if they wanna hang out or two delete their number. If they don’t respond to hanging out then you save yourself some time and if you don’t want to do it and that’s being needy.

Another thing you can do is stop responding. And if he still texts you back reward him and be nice to him. Because it takes a lot of ego and attraction for a guy to message you after not responding.

Taking a long time to respond and it’s not like she would reply without showing interest. She will reply but then when she replied she validated me. But this tactic will not work when a guy doesn’t fear losing you. So for this to work you always have to make sure to inform them about seeing other people so that when you went cold they’ll think it’s about someone. And it will escalate the fear of losing you.

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