Why Men ONLY Come Back After You Ignore Them

A lot of women underestimate the power of ignoring someone and I agree because women have that insecurity where men only love them by how beautiful they are. And I just wanna say this the most reason why men come back is that they have a d*ck, a lot of time they will not come back for you but just for the sex.

I get it you want to love him for who you are but you fail to understand how psychology works. It doesn’t matter how good something is if you do too much they’re gonna get bored and lose interest. In fact, one of the laws of power is to make somebody dependent on you. Why? Because love is fickle.

You have to understand that guys need to be in a competitive state in order to continually fight for you. Because being there all the time takes away the mystery, the allure, and the fun of the relationship. This is just the human nature of life. So what happens when you ignore a guy is he’s gonna look for your attention. This reignites his desires for you and it makes him want to get back with you.

So how can you ignore the guy? You can leave him on read and respond later on it the day or even not answer his calls fast. Why? Because it makes him question himself. A lot of times you lose that opportunity because of the fear of losing but you got to challenge your assumptions and insecurities and see if you’re wrong. Don’t be so out there and ignore him from time to time and he’s gonna get too comfortable.

The power of ignoring works best when everything is calm and happy. Honestly, it’s hard to because you’re feeling the momentum of feeling great but sometimes you have to live for another day. Sometimes you need to take a step back a leave him on a high note.

So what do I think about this video? I think it’s not as manipulative as I remember and I kinda like it because this guy knows what he talks about.

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