Today, we’re gonna talk about the SIX reasons why men pull away. These are the reasons that I’ve learned through observation and through working with clients.

First, natural. One of the reasons why men pull away is because they stopped liking you. And you’re so into him that you didn’t notice that he stopped liking you. Every relationship has an expiration date, everything in life has an expiration date.

Second, his ego was satisfied. Maybe he didn’t like you in reality, maybe he just liked you because he wanted to get your validation and in order to tell himself that he’s still attractive.

Third, your neediness. When a guy pulls away because of your neediness, it’s not over. Because d!ck$ is like a boomerang, they always come back. But if you lost him because of your neediness, you gotta leave him alone.

Fourth, his ex. Guy pulls away because of his ex. When somebody has an ex that they love it’s better off you to leave aloneā€¦ You’ll see this because he keeps pulling away from you.

Fifth, he’s bored with the sex. You’re a fxckng dead fish. The point is that the s3x gets boring sometimes, when you’re in that situation, I think you need to spice it up a little bit. I’m not a sex doctor, but that’s one of the reasons that he’s just bored with s3x.

Sixth, he settled for you. He wasn’t happy with you from the beginning. When you’re in that situation, you’ll notice, he’s not romantic with you, he’s not creative, he’s generally bored around you. When you settle for somebody, they’re not just that motivated. They’re there but they’re not there.