Why Men That Reject You Try To Come Back – Male Nature

One of the reasons why some people reject you and then come back is maybe they are trying to make you chase and it didn’t work. They’ll get you into them and all of the sudden pull back and hope that you chase them back. Now they’re back because they realized it didn’t work.

This is why I am telling you not to chase somebody who is acting hot and cold. Because if they’re playing a game and you didn’t chase them they will eventually come back. The hard part is waiting when you like them and facing reality.

Another reason was they have no other options. Maybe their ex broke up with them so they hit you up and you become together now his ex came back and he suddenly dumps you. And since people do things just once, they broke up again, and here you are now he’s back to you.

The next one is the dry spell. It’s when they were with you and rejected they had a lot of abundances and now they don’t have a lot of choices they come back to you. And it has nothing to do with you!

Another reason is when you got better looking. If the same men and women get better looks the one who will benefit more is the woman. Whilst, if you give both men and women higher salary the one who will benefit more is the man. Because it is based on what the opposite sex value.

Next is they see somebody wanting you. It’s when he sees somebody likes you or you’re finally in a happy relationship and all of a sudden they realize they want you. Desire is a social phenomenon and this is where pre-selection comes in that if a man is surrounded by women they gonna be perceived as more attractive.

Last but not least they just like playing games with you. They’re masochistic, they like inflicting pain and confusing you. They like the power and control and the emotions they feel by controlling you. And there are people like that who just come back to give pain.

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