Why Modern Men Are More Unfaithful Than EVER!

Let’s talk about two different perspectives on why men cheat more. Remember that it’s easier to cheat now than before that’s the first thing because of social media and dating apps. And understand that men are more visual so these factors increase a man’s sex drive a lot more than a woman’s.

Another thing is that men’s standards are also wider. Men have lower standards than women when it comes to cheating. The waning eye of men is an adaptive feature to pass on their genes as long as possible.

The second thing is social media allows past relationships to reconnect. This makes people have a harder time getting over their exes because they’re seeing their ex consistently they just can’t over them.

The third thing that makes it easier for men to cheat nowadays is more people and easier travel. People just also look more attractive today than before because they have access to plastic surgery and access to healthier meals.

The fourth thing is a higher sex drive. Since there are more women and it became a more visual world men start to have fantasies that their wives cannot meet. So these guys have more sexual desires and are more likely to cheat.