Why MOST Women Won’t Like You Back Even When You Do Everything Right

You could do everything right with a woman, you could create attraction and make her chase, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to like you at the end of the day. One of the most confusing aspects of the things that I teach is that you could do everything right and it’s still not gonna work out. Why is that?

There are a few reasons why: you could be super charming to a woman, you could be high-value around a woman and she won’t like you and one of the reasons is because SHE’S NOT OVER HER EX or she’s into a certain kind of guy. Her ex was light-skinned, her ex was muscular and because he broke her heart, it’s almost like when a dog dies you try to buy a dog that looks like the other dog that died.

A lot of the times, she’s looking for a guy that kind of resembles her ex so she could maybe redeem herself in a way or she’ll be with you and she’ll look for a guy that kinda looks like him because she can feel those emotions that she have for him with that guy. It’s some backwards shit.

Another thing is that you just don’t do it for her and this is something that we have to understand: this transcends looks. As long as you’re not meeting women online, your looks may not have much of a factor to do with it.

Another reason why she doesn’t like you back is that you’re somebody who’s too predictable. You’re very predictable, you text fast, you respond fast, you sound super excited, when you see her you’re always smiling, when you see her you can never ignore her. She can never feel that lack of space and this is something that you could have everything correct but if you get this wrong–sometimes, they’ll forgive you if they like you but if they’re iffy about you, they don;t know what to think about you–they’ll judge you on that.

Another reason is that you have a bad reputation. People around you, in your social circle, know you as somebody who’s a goofball who hits on every girl that walks. Yes, that kind of stuff does hurt your reputation. Without a doubt, it affects the kind of women that you meet because they will talk. They won’t tell you they know that about you but women will talk that’s why you gotta be careful how you hit on women. you gotta be smooth about it for the sake of other people talking about you.

Another thing is that you caught her on a wrong time–especially when you meet online. You gotta be careful because women you meet online isn’t really the impression of who you are.

Also, you could be really attractive and you could get women online but they’re not gonna stay. A lot of these women are just there for one-night stands. A lot of times, it’s just where you’re meeting these women: when you meet them online, you’re gonna get a lot of flakes and a lot of women who’ll treat you like shit and who’ll flake on you more because they don’t own you anything.

If you meet them in real life (at school or in class), they’re not really gonna flake on you because it makes them look bad. This is why I prefer to meet women in regular situations and not online–even though it’s a good supplement, but online = more flakes.