Why The Men You Like Aren’t Chasing You Back

Sometimes we wonder why these dating tactics won’t work on you especially when you just started there’s a big reason why it doesn’t work and I will be explaining to you why. A lot of times you have to be willing to pay the price that’s the first step which means that these tactics can force but can only inspire the issue. Humans are a creature that you can’t just manipulate but you can only influence.

When I tell you giving a guy space is not only for them to miss you but also for you to illuminate what the reality is. You have to see yourself if you’re trying to force the situation because if you do then these won’t work. After all, guys will see through it. You have to be willing to accept that he may not really like you.

You have to be able to bring your self-awareness to your sources of happiness and detached yourself from the outcome no matter what it is. So when things go bad you’re not gonna suffer. Whether the guy like you or not you don’t need them to be happy.