Nice guys are the byproduct of their parents, primarily their mothers and this is a lot of single mothers. Maybe they don’t tell them to, but you get the impression that you got to be a nice boy but when you grow up you begin to see that it’s not what women want. It’s what women wanted in a guy along with asshole traits but she would never tell you that. These are the three reasons women just are not attracted to nice guys.

  1. He doesn’t excite her anymore – what you’re not able to predict creates emotions, turmoil, chaos and respect. What you’re able to predict becomes mundane, you can predict it and you lose respect for it. When you’re a nice guy she knows exactly how you’re going to react because you’re very transparent. She doesn’t have any uncertainty. Sometimes there’s pleasure in working for a reward. You’re not a reward for her, you’re just there for her and she takes you for granted.
  2. No core strength – You can have muscles but if you don’t have strength in your legs and in your core, somebody could just push you and this core strength for the most part is your unwillingness to walk away. A woman will push you to feel your strength. They don’t do that to see whether or not you’re strong, they put you through the test either consciously or unconsciously.
  3. Women are not afraid to lose a nice guy because there’s a lot of nice guys out there.