We’re gonna talk about how to ensure that you meet high-interest women. Once you watch this video, you’ll understand the mistake that you’re making and a lot of the times, it isn’t even technical. The mistake you’re making really isn’t how you’re talking to them but pretty much where you’re meeting them and the type of woman that she is. Those are two things that have a lot to do why women lose interest instantly. The first reason why you’re meeting low-interest women and not high-interest women is honestly is where you’re meeting them.

Look, as convenient as online dating sites are, it causes you to naturally meet women who are low-interest. The reason why they’re low-interest is that there’s a lot of options. When you have a lot of options, you naturally don’t value the option that’s in front of you simply because there’s so many of them. The fewer the options, the more you take the options in front of you seriously. That’s the first one and with that, when it comes to meeting women online and on the streets or even in the clubs, they’re just naturally gonna be low-interest.

Me saying this, we are assuming that you’re acting in a masculine way. We are assuming that you’re not acting like a goddamn goofball. We’re assuming that you’re doing what you’re supposed to. You’re doing everything right but yet you’re meeting these low-interest women: it’s simple, you’re just meeting them in the wrong place.

It’s fucked up but context matters when you meet women. The best way to meet women is in tribes. I always talk about this. It’s ingratiating yourself in a place, creating your own tribe or joining a tribe and then excelling at that tribe not by trying to be the best one in that place but by being the hardest worker, the most dedicated, by providing the most value, by offering your services for the sake of the group and slowly getting to know women like that.

Rather than putting all of your efforts to the clubs and rather putting all your efforts to Tinder, minimize that effort and put more effort into joining a community. That’s how women naturally met men in the past. So it’s really all where you find them. That’s why dudes who are dirty as shit get girlfriends, simply because they’re meeting women at their job or at school. That’s also why women are falling in love with their bosses, he’s part of a tribe, he’s the leader of the tribe and he’s the best of what he does. They slowly get to know their boss and they get nervous around their boss and they feel that intimidating aspect, that is what you wanna have. Assuming you’re acting in a masculine way, that’s the kind of effect you want to have. The second reason why you’re meeting low-interest women and why you’re not getting that high-interest again has nothing to do with you. It’s just because they’re not over their ex. You haven’t figured out that she’s talking to you because she’s not over her ex. Honestly, a lot of women have a hard time being dumped.

When a woman gets dumped, it’s almost like a strain that she hasn’t caught off yet. A lot of the times when you’re with a woman. she’s just thinking about her ex. What funny is that you’ll notice that you look similar to her ex. A lot of women online are taking breaks from their man so it’s not that you’re doing something wrong it’s just that she’s taking a break from her man and you think that she’s single. She’s not single, she’s in the grey area.

So you want to find out if she’s over her ex by asking this question: When was your last relationship? If she tells you that she got dumped, he cheated on her, she had a long on-and-off relationship, if she tells you about her relationship and she looks down and acts sad or if she calls her ex an asshole or if she has negative emotions towards her ex, most likely she’s not over his ex. In fact, ask her in a way that’s not direct.

If she’s not over her ex, you got to completely keep your distance because that woman, when she’s with you, she’s gonna be thinking about her ex and the more you try to be sweet, the more she’ll remember the fucked-upness that her ex did and that pain will make her say “I wish my ex was as nice as he is”.

It’s not that that’ll make you look nice, it just will make her ex look better. It’s fucked up, it’s crazy but that’s just how it is so careful with women who are not over their exes. That’s a big reason why they’re acting low-interest and it has nothing to do with you.

The reason why I made this video is that if you just keep meeting women in online dating or in game and you’re not that good at it, you’re gonna struggle and you’re gonna start doubting yourself. This is more of a video to encourage you guys to go out there and meet women out there. Diversify where you meet them and set a realistic expectation because if you don’t have a realistic expectation then you’re gonna feel bad about yourself and a lot of it isn’t your fault, guys. There’s an element that’s not your fault and that element is simple where you’re choosing to meet these women.

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