Why You Need to Use a Man’s Impatience To Get Him To Chase

You see the most important thing women have in relationships is time. And naturally, humans are impatient and this is a weakness because impatience causes us to do the wrong things. Patience allows you to let the opportunities come to you and if you know how to use time and observe your environment you have the most powerful tools.

So in terms of making a man chase you patience is the number one element. You will now use their impatience to your benefit and this is how you do it.

One, never let a person speed things up, and if you notice they are speeding it up control time. You need to give the person time to love you. So speeding things up will ruin the whole experience. What you can do is tell them to calm down and take things slow. This will put them in the position where there is the one who’s chasing. Remember it takes time to love and for people to love you.

Second, you want them to wait. Don’t see them often and limit their access, and what this will do he will start seeing you in his imagination. And the brain tends to exaggerate things that we’re missing. This simple act makes them create an image of you and the more you give them that time it makes them miss you and idealize you more.

Another good thing about this is people don’t get to use their imagination a lot so making them feel this fills a gap and that’s also a reason why they end up loving you. It feels good to stop thinking rationally and let go of that adult exterior and you allow them to feel that.

And if you don’t do this it means you are selfish because when we are chasing people we are selfish. After all, we just wanna relieve our anxiety. So, chasing them will ruin their experience of fighting for your attention and making them feel they won you over by their charm. Which is extremely flattering and pleasurable.