Without The Fear Of Losing You, He’ll Take You For Granted

Look, ladies, you can make a guy feel like a king but the sad truth is that if you don’t make him fear to lose you, he’s never gonna appreciate you how you deserve to be treated.

You gotta treat this similar to your health. Unless you had a health scare, unless you almost lost your vitality, unless you almost lose your legs or your life, you’re never gonna appreciate it for how you should appreciate your life. It’s just how it is. This is the missing element that a lot of therapists and counsellors on relationship miss out and I can see why: because it looks toxic from the outside.

The emotional experience of the feeling of losing somebody will automatically make that experience not as pleasurable. Look, you gotta give him a monthly dose of that fear of losing you. You gotta stop validating him so hard. You gotta put in into the calendar when you’re gonna pull away because he will take you for granted if you don’t do that.

I rather you do this preemptively before something bad happens. Don’t take the fact that he likes you now, don’t take it for granted the fact that he’s texting you a lot and that he’s showing you that he loves you because any moment in time, he can leave.

Take preemptive measures. Take some space. Act mysterious. Act unpredictable sometimes. I know I say this as often but I gotta get through your heads because some of you guys are hard-headed. Plain and simple.