Let’s talk about why women love men who embrace their shadow side. I’ll give you 3 simple tips on how to integrate and embrace your shadow.

This is the difference between the bad boys and the good boys, between the guys that are “edgy” and the guys that are plain. It’s through a woman seeing the contours of shadow that you become more multi-dimensional–more interesting, more captivating. By embracing your shadow side, you automatically spark up the attention of a person’s shadow. When you tap into another person’s shadow, they will automatically be drawn to you. Have you ever wondered why some women are into guys who are evil, abusive, who talk to them like shit, who treat them like shit? For some reason, the good guys they tend to not like that much.

The reason why we see women with guys with the complete opposite of how they look (nice girl + a drug dealer, domineering woman + a pussy). Why do you think that is? Women would date a guy who she wishes she was like. If she’s super nice, she’ll date a guy who’s violent because secretly, she could live out her secret desires to be violent through that guy. If a woman hates herself and has low self-esteem, she’ll date a guy who confirms those opinions. She’s using him to talk to her own shadows. In other words, women like a guy who taps into that side of her personality–that’s why they return to the asshole because they make her feel alive. Your shadow, the repressed parts of your personality, is what they return to. Whatever you see in the outside is the complete opposite on the inside. What you want to do is to bring out the opposite.

Women love contradictions. If you’re feminine, embrace your inner aggression. You got to tap into your aggressive side (not in a violent way) by stop trying to please people. That’s one thing, but also, I want you to change the way how you see women. Stop seeing women as angels because that’s your projections, your own shadow.