Today we are gonna talk about what women want in a man. This is more about evolutionary psychology.  Women want today is different from what women want in the past because women now have more power.

Understand that what women want and what is considered valuable is dependent on the environment. For example, in one village full of scientists, knowledge about science is important. However, in other parts of the world carpenters are more important because they need the skill to build a house. A man should continuously improve himself to be able to provide more than a dozen men can because women tend to be a little more monogamous than men. Having resources and social status is not a luxury but a necessity.

High status is important because it means that you have the resources to be a great provider. That is also why women hate lazy men because they lack ambition.

Another thing women prefer is older men. Because older men have higher status, more wisdom and skill to pass on to the children. Older men also listen and are more mature which makes them more attractive.  

Next thing women like is a man who has ambition and passion. Women love men who love their work, having purpose in life and having ambition.

Emotional intelligence and social intelligence is also important. Men who get high education get better paying jobs. Less intelligent men fail to main connection with high status people and they keep making mistakes and they can’t solve problems. They tend to be narcissistic and unstable and women can’t respect that.

Compatibility is also important because this will create connection. Next one is size, strength and that v shaped torso. Women want a guy who can protect her. 

Another one is symmetry or good health. This means being in a good mood, high energy, and good skin. Men who have good health seem to be more attractive because maintaining that takes a lot of resources.

Above all this is love, kindness and commitment. Women rate being love is the most important in a relationship above having money or good looking. Treating them well, not abusing them physically or verbally, acts of love and commitment so they can feel the most important. This also means you are gonna treat the kids well and provide enough resources with them.