Women Can’t Resist a Man Who Does This

I had this experience with a few women and I just realized this: that whenever this happens, for some reason, the connection with some women deepens. This is a general weakness that most women have–most women are attracted to the spiritual. If you put in an ad that says meditation classes, most women will come to that medication class–it’s how it works.

Using the spiritual–not in a cult bullsht kind of way–and implementing the spiritual to your dates or to your interaction with a woman, will deepen the bond. It’ll give her a unique experience–something that’s beyond this world.

Women have more of a weakness for this than men in general. So, if you introduce the spiritual to the woman, through either meditating with her or doing yoga together or even putting on a guided meditation for both of you to meditate, I truly believe that there’s gonna be a huge difference in the interaction especially if she kinda likes you. The key is this, she has to kind of like you. There has to be some form of attraction.