You guys know I coach women and from coaching them I figured out the kind of guy that women just cannot resist and it goes along with their self-opinion that they’re angels. Guys, if you tell a woman this, she’s gonna be attracted to you that no matter what you do and no matter how much you pull away, she’s gonna see that almost as though she has to prove herself to you. I could promise you that after this, you’ll know the exact strategy to make almost any woman chase after you and become irresistibly attracted to you without you having to put too much effort. Mind you, this is fucked up. I don’t recommend you doing this if it isn’t genuine.

There are 3 benefits to applying what I’m about to teach you guys today and it’s this:

1. When you act in the way that I’m about to talk about, it’ll make women wanna prove themselves to you and they’re not gonna want to be like the other women. So you’ll notice that she’ll try to prove a point that she’s not that way.

2. The next thing is that you’ll be able to get away with more shit so if you take a few hours to respond (or even a few days), she’ll assume it’s her fault.

3. The next thing is that it’ll hide all of the tactics that I teach you on this channel so if she thinks you’re someone who’s manipulative and you do what I’m about to tell you, all those thoughts will just go away.

I don’t recommend you guys being a manipulator because I recommend that you guys are genuinely busy, that you guys are genuinely doing things that require distance but I know a lot of you guys don’t have that kind of lifestyle so you guys gotta fake it til you make it but let’s get started.

So, let me tell you how this strategy works and it’s very simple. A lot of the women tell me that a lot of the guys they date (and the guys who they pay to get coached for), those guys are hurt. They’re hurt and because they’ve been hurt and women have betrayed them in the past, women sort of become more careful how they interact with you because they don’t wanna scare you away. Countless of times, guys, to the point that I’m just shocked how easy this works.

Anytime you tell a woman that:
– you’ve been hurt,
– that you’ve been betrayed,
– that you struggle trusting women,
– that your last girlfriend used to play manipulative games,
– that your last girlfriend always was applying strategies that she found out on the channel

Anytime you tell these things to a woman, do you know what happens? Naturally, people think they’re good people by nature. Naturally, people think they’re good of heart. Naturally, people don’t wanna be the other women.

So when you say these to her, it forces her to not do the things you told her to. When you emphasize to a woman that you struggle trusting women, what tends to happen is that you could play the cold card. You could act like you’re cold. You could say that women got you jaded. You could say that you’re cold because you don’t trust women. That enables you to be cold and it puts you in a position where she’s gonna want to warm you up. She’s gonna want to prove to you that some women are not evil.

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