Women Fall In Love With You When You’re Not Around

Today we’re gonna talk about how women fall in love. Women can sense when you’re not emotionally engaged. And they sense your lack of engagement through absence. This is kind of ironic because spending time with women can make them fall in love with you and not spending time with them can also make them fall in love with you. Women who fall the hardest fall for guys who show them emotional unavailability.

One of the ways you can apply is to randomly cancel dates. Other things you can do is have her not see you for a few days or even for a few weeks while having an excuse of why you can’t see her. Act like you wanna see her and let your unavailability do the dirty work.

Your unavailability is what gonna make them angry and frustrated which can emotionally engage them. If you focus on your life and you keep doing this you will notice that one or two women will fall for you. It’s your unavailability that makes them think about you and makes them reflect and ask themselves “does he like me?” and it’s your coldness that causes that.