The first question is if the guy is showing interest but not making a move. Should you wait for them to set up the date or you should you set it up yourself?

The answer is a big no. When did I ever say you should do that? Never ever set yourself up to date with a man. You will have to let him do that and if he doesn’t message you then it’s over.

Second question, if you have a friend who has a reputation for cheating do you have to avoid her because it might affect your reputation too?

Honestly, guys don’t care about how many your friends are and what are they. So don’t be ashamed of your friends. Be aware of the fact that your friend may try to bang your man. That’s what you should be most aware of.

The third question is, is being an introvert a turn-off?

Actually, no guys don’t really care about that. What you should watch out for is your neediness. If you are anti-social and you don’t have a lot of friends then you might wanna hang out with him all the time and this might suffocate him. So make sure that even if you’re an introvert you must be independent.