You must first do is to get developed your inner authority get intact with your inner father. The father feels rage at his child being burdened. 

You got to realize that every man and woman has an inner father and inner mother. Shamans who are considered the wisest people in the tribe got their wisdom from their inner father/mother. Think about it, men are more aggressive and more focused on themselves. So they have to consult their inner woman to have a more harmonious way of thinking which will lead to wiser and better decisions. Women on the other hand have the soft nurturing part but they don’t have that aggressive inner father that will stand up to people. And rather than developing passive aggression, they have to develop assertiveness.

We don’t wanna build walls we wanna build boundaries. When you create boundaries it is more about creating a harmonious and healthy environment where you work in your self and with other people but they sense they have limits.