You Know She’s Lying When…

1. She’s late on a date

2. She says she’s busy

3. She says “maybe” or “ill let u know”

4. She says “Let’s be friends”

5. She says “Any girl will be happy to be with you”

6. She says “I never suck dick”

7. She acts like a Saint

8. She says “She’s only been with 2 guys”

9. She says she has a boyfriend

10. She says “Let’s wait to go out after the quarantine”

11. She says she didn’t know she was flirting with you

12. She says “I’ll never stay with a guy that cheats on me and treats me bad”

13. She says “I don’t play games”

14. She says “I don’t have sex on the first date”

15. She says “I will never cheat on a guy”