How To Get Girls Chasing Online FROM THE START Bumble & Tinder Dating Strategies

I learned this in an extremely real way when I was in Mexico getting rehab for my knee. The less attention you pay to women, the more they want you and it’s unfortunate that this is how we got to go things.

For the two weeks that I was in Mexico using Tinder, I felt like women were conspiring against me. I got flaked a lot of times and I was so pissed off since It was unexpected. So what I began doing when a girl says hi to me, I ignore them and I don’t ask them out because it felt like they’re just going to flake on me. When I left Mexico and came back to New York I did the same way, if someone asks me, I reply with an emoji and I don’t ask a question in response. If you do this, some of the women will leave you but the ones that will stay though, those are the ones who really are interested.

When you text a girl you like, in the beginning, don’t ask questions at least on the first few text messages. She may think you don’t care, she’s gonna ask “Why doesn’t he care about me?” and some women will leave and those who leave, don’t dare to double text them but the ones who don’t leave, they come back different.

This whole thing of not asking questions is extremely powerful and you have to do it in the beginning. What you need to understand is, you don’t know when a woman is really interested because they hide it. You probably had a lot of women who are really interested in you and you just never found out because you were always in the frame of chasing.

So, follow the path of mastery and allow that to insulate what people throw at you. Pay less attention to them over text and even in real life. It will trigger their insecurity and if you do trigger their insecurity and she likes you, you become the enemy and they start chasing you. Women get disillusioned when you’re too easy or you pursue too easy.

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What NOT to do When a Guy Turns Cold

I got a question from a client who got ghosted by a dude she was hanging out with. After three weeks with no contact, she sent him a goddam heart emoji!

Now, this is human nature. It happens to every single one of us. When this happens to you, your dignity is what’s going to keep things in order. You can’t just take them back. Your dignity in dating is what will keep you sane.

When a girl flakes on me once, and then twice, I can’t ask her out anymore. That’s dignity. it allows you to say no when people try to bullshit you.

Since the guy made her feel bad, she wanted him to react to her. So I told her to hurt his ego. The way to do this is to tell him you don’t like his personality. Personality is very personal to every person. When somebody doesn’t like your personality, that’s an insult to everything about you.

My client said that she was able to do this even though it was hard. Why is it hard? Maybe you’re just not used to it. Doing it is a bit harsh. Unfortunately, this is the kind of approach you need to have in order to survive in this dating world. I don’t necessarily like it but it’s what you need.

In her case, this was already too late. When someone ghosts you, you don’t contact them. When someone says they will contact you and they don’t, then don’t contact them.

At this point, walking away would be her only option. Why? Because you need some dignity. Walking away is the power that you have. Let me tell you this: the best way to lose your power is to not be willing to walk away.

The best way to lose a negotiation is not being willing to walk away. The best way to lose at poker is not being willing to walk away. In life, you gotta be willing to walk away.

If it’s over, you gotta suck it up. if he comes back, you can’t just take him back.

As soon as you’re able to accept that this is not gonna work out, you’ll be able to move on. If you can’t control your emotions, delete the number and block it. That way, you will not have that temptation.

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