3 Attraction Switches Women Won't Admit To But Can't Resist

Today, we're gonna be talking about 3 attraction switches that women won't admit to having but makes them fall in love.

These attraction switches, nobody would admit to it but when you actually put it in action, you begin to notice that this is what they react to. You got to realize that women will not let you know what gets them attracted to. They don't want you to know that because if you know that then all of their power will be rendered useless. It obvious that the "enemy" doesn't want you to know their weakness but guys, these are the switches and we finally know what makes women attracted to you. What's funny is that they're not as confident as we thought they were. What we see is a facade, a scaffolding of security.

The first one is that a woman wants to be submitted. She wants to feel like she's given in to you and she wants to feel like you're better than her. Ask a woman what guy does she want the most and what she'll say is the guy who dumped her, the guy who ended.

The next one is women want a masculine man and not a goofball. They don't want someone who is sensitive. Being masculine or by having masculinity, you're giving her that experience of being with somebody that she could feel feminine too. She doesn't want a feminine guy because a feminine guy's gonna argue with her and a masculine guy is not. A masculine guy is gonna let her walk away and not act like a woman around her.

The last one is that a woman wants what she can't have. It's all about when she feels like you could leave her at any moment in time. You know when a woman leaves and she comes back, you don't take her back but you make her pay a price. To her, it says that she could have you but on certain conditions. Also, having a masculine vibe, there's a hint of coldness and uncertainty that she doesn't know whether or not you like her that much. Because of that uncertainty, she wants you more.

By not going too much, by not going above and beyond to tell her how much you like her is enough to create that insecurity that makes her think that they don't have you completely. It's all about creating some doubts.

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