Working with me directly (yeah that's right, me, Alex) you'll learn from the most tactically/spiritually based coach in the world that focuses on delivering real results! 

Just imagine speaking with me directly and getting direct personal instructions with a customized game plan, along with the proper timing and countermoves (just in case), based on your specific situation.

Most of the tactics are benevolent and light (but sometimes dark tactics are necessary). For that reason I offer a variety of coaching for people with different circumstances. I'm flexible.

I have WEEKLY packages (coach in a pocket), one time coaching, email coaching and even feedback based coaching where I listen in on your interaction and give you feedback.


If you let me use your question and my response for my own personal use (such as making it a video or selling it), I’ll provide you with a $10 discount from the total price. Use discount code DISCOUNT to receive the discount. Make sure to change names in your questions just in case :))

Need a one time thing? We have 3 options

1:1 phone/skype coaching (15 minutes)
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Phone Bundle (3x 30 mins sessions)

Receive 3 30 minutes of individualized coaching over phone and/or skype. 

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1:1 phone/skype coaching (30 minutes)
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1:1 phone/skype coaching (60 minutes)
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Want Email Coaching?

Email Coaching (800 words or less)
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Email Coaching (300 words or less)
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Email Coaching (150 words or less)
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Coach in a Pocket

Imagine what it would be you like to have the best dating coach in the world right in your pocket in a 24/7 basis? Not everyone could afford me for an exclusive monthly fee, but I offer an alternative.

 If you have an ongoing problem and/or sticking point with your dating/spiritual life, then the Coach in a Pocket package is perfect for you because you'll be able to ask me unlimited amount of questions in the course of the a weeks. It's the only coaching program of it's kind in the world. 

It's simple. We have an initial session where we devise a strategy to get the guy you're trying to conquer. You then have access to me (depending on your package) and check with me (through text or WhatsApp) to see what you're doing right or wrong or to provide me with any updates or twists.

My response is in the form of an audio message that you can save for later use. It's the best way to ensure that the tactics you learn are implemented and executed to perfection!

So if you’re interested, you must first APPLY and be chosen to work with me for a month. I can’t pick more than 2 a month so it’s on a case by case purpose.

Price: $999

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