Top Books I Recommend

These books that you’ll about to read about are my favorite books because of how they changed me for the better. These books inspired me to be where I am today. I’ve read them all, and to me, they are the transformative books you’ll ever encounter. If you guys are inspired to get one, I hope you guys purchase one of them with the link I’ll provide on the title of the book to at least get commission.

1) Mastery By Robert Greene

To me, this is my faovrite book from Robert Greene. It has given me the desire to pursue mastery and not limit myself to mediocre results. This is a quote from the description of the book:

“Each one of us has within us the potential to be a Master. Learn the secrets of the field you have chosen, submit to a rigorous apprenticeship, absorb the hidden knowledge possessed by those with years of experience, surge past competitors to surpass them in brilliance, and explode established patterns from within. Study the behaviors of Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Leonardo da Vinci and the nine contemporary Masters interviewed for this book. 

The bestseller author of The 48 Laws of PowerThe Art of Seduction, and The 33 Strategies of War, Robert Greene has spent a liftime studying the laws of power. Now, he shares the secret path to greatness. With this seminal text as a guide, readers will learn how to unlock the passion within and become masters.”

2) Psycho Cybernetics By Maxwell Maltz

This book will teach you how to achieve your goals and become the person you want to become without complicated self help techniques. It teaches you how to use the self image in order to transform your belief system and how you see yourself. I think this is the book that had the biggest impact because it showed me the power of visualization.

3) Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins

This book is a go to book whenever I need to change a habit. Unlike Psycho cybernetics, this book is filled with self help techniques in order to change behavior. Both are good but Awaken The Giant Within feels like you’re being coached by Tony Robbins himself. It’s a longer book, but it’s just as good. Trust me. Both are as good as the other.

4) The Power of Now By Eckhart Tolle

The power of now is the book that got me into mindfulness. This book doesn’t just teach you how to be mindful, but how to transform your life into a spiritual practice. The way he describes spirituality, specially in the audiobook, really brings you into the present moment. It’s one of those books that has a transformative effect by simply reading this book. You become more present whenever you read it.

5) The 33 Strategies of War By Robert Greene

This book is my second favorite Robert Greene’s book. It teaches you psychological strategies to help you manuever yourself in social situation, how to avoid manipulation, how to turn weakness into strength, how to use enemies as a tool to empower you and give you strength. It shows you the art of psychological warfare and how to be a general of your mind. This book will make you a warrior of life and will reveal to you the hidden war that’s going on around you but only notice because of the battle scars you’re left with. This book will take you from being a naive person who thinks the world is full of roses into the reality that the world is full of people who want to hurt you and you must fight them to the death in order to get what you want. It isn’t a pessimistic book, but a book that lays reality dead in your face. You either resist it or gear up for battle.

6) Radical Acceptance By Tara Brach

Radical acceptance is similar to the power of now, but from a different perspective. It shows you how to fully accept your flaws and wakes you up from the trance of low self esteem into realiziging who you are. This book is AMAZING if you struggle with self acceptanc.e It teaches you different meditaitons techniques along with the author’s personal stories on how to discovered these concepts. This is a description from the book itself:

“Believing that something is wrong with us is a deep and tenacious suffering,” says Tara Brach at the start of this illuminating book. This suffering emerges in crippling self-judgments and conflicts in our relationships, in addictions and perfectionism, in loneliness and overwork--all the forces that keep our lives constricted and unfulfilled. Radical Acceptance offers a path to freedom, including the day-to-day practical guidance developed over Dr. Brach’s twenty years of work with therapy clients and Buddhist students.

Writing with great warmth and clarity, Tara Brach brings her teachings alive through personal stories and case histories, fresh interpretations of Buddhist tales, and guided meditations. Step by step, she leads us to trust our innate goodness, showing how we can develop the balance of clear-sightedness and compassion that is the essence of Radical AcceptanceRadical Acceptance does not mean self-indulgence or passivity. Instead it empowers genuine change: healing fear and shame and helping to build loving, authentic relationships. When we stop being at war with ourselves, we are free to live fully every precious moment of our lives.” - Amazon

7) 48 Laws of Power By Robert Greene

One of the most cunning, ruthless and amoral books you will ever read, but with a huge dose of reality that will illuminate you on the darker nature of humanity. This book will show you how to earn the respect of anyone you encounter. This book will also show you how to be ruthless if you wish. I ejoyed this book because the laws it teaches are laws that bring you power and the respect of other people. I don’t apply everything it says, but laws such as “Say less than necessary” or “Never Outshine The Master” are laws that I do apply because they are necessary for social intelligence and advancing in life with as little friction as possible.

8) The Success Principles By Jack Canfield

If you think Awaken The Giant Within is too long of a book with a lot of “fluff” (which i don’t think it’s fluff, it’s more like stories that back up what he’s teaching") then this book is the next best option. It’s straight to the point with powerful techniques to transform your life.

9) Total Recall By Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Total recall is a book that I recommend for people who need inspiration on the concept of goal setting. You might think Arnie is a funny sounding guy, but after reading his biography, I doubt you’ll wanna stay in mediocrity. You’ll learn the power of goal setting and visualization. You’ll see how he was able to achieve his goal in a predictable way as a result of his pursuit to mastery.

10. The Art of Seduction By Robert Greene

The art of seduction isn’t just a book on how to seduce people, but how to win people over and learn everyone’s individual psychology. But I must say, as a dating coach for men, this book is fairly accurate. I don’t just know the theory of attraction, but I actually practice it on a daily basis through personal experience and coaching my individual male clients. And if there’s a book that lines out seduction and how to make someone obsessed with you, it’s The Art of Seduction.

11. The Laws of Human Nature By Robert Greene

This books is not out yet, but will on the 23rd of August. I know this book will be in one of my top ten so order it now before I start the book club!