Lee, USA

Hi Dalexis,  Thank you for your videos and coaching. After watching tons of videos, reading and your coaching something shifted in my life. I sought you out for love advice. Little did I know I gain valuable life advice.  My inner peace is solid,  I self-reflected and improved all areas of my life. I even see my flaws within my past relationship.  Currently, we are working on things now. It may or may not work but I have better tools and am not rushing. I am keeping my options open but there is something VERY positive and different going on. I can not describe it well but there is peace this time around.  My ex and I are actually discussing where we can compromise and its not a constant struggle and fight. Thanks to you , I haven't chosen to commit because I know that there is a standard that needs to be met. However, I am happy.  My life is so peaceful in all aspect.  Yay!  That presence that you preach about is key.  You said it and I wasn't sold on it immediately. However, now its all I need to find peace in the center of the all the storms that come my way. It also helps me to fully enjoy all of the blessings that come my way.  Thanks Dalexis!

Jan, NYC

I hired Alex for his monthly coach in a pocket program. I really wanted to get my ex back after going through a tough heart break. Anyways, I was more than surprised considering I was skeptical at first. He focused my attention not on the guy but on my own reactions. 

And to my surprise the tactics he taught me HELPED ME GET OVER HIM. And ironically during that month is when he wanted to come back to me. I was already over him but Alex warned me that it was going to happen as such. He's pretty good at what he does. 

Anita, Birmingham, UK

Dalexis has been instrumental in helping me understand how men think about women and dating. He has helped me to be more myself and it has paid off. Thanks Dalexis x

Chloe B

Watching Alexis' videos are a breath of fresh air. I have never met a relationship coach who infuses spirituality and dating while explaining to it in a fun and easy way. I really appreciate that a lot! Alexis helps you focus on what you need to heal within yourself and be okay it without hiding from the pain. It took me time to sit down and practice what I learned, but once I got the hang of it, it was easier to notice my thoughts. I am learning on how to be okay with myself without reaching for external happiness. It is a progress I see in myself, and I love it! Thank you so much Alex! YES! I would recommended people to watch his videos right now, and leave with a smile on your face, a valuable lesson about life, and more importantly, dive deeper and learn more about yourself.